Monday, April 23, 2012

OMG,  these are the cutest things I have ever made!!! I saw them online and had to make some.  The pattern I have is for just the bootie part, I had to make up the ears by trial and error.
They are made from 100%  wool then felted, after they are dry (couple days) I felted in the eyes, nose and little tail!!  I've only made one pair of these so far but have made a dozen pair or more of the plain bootie.  I will post some pics of those soon.
Another little sweater,  I've made 4 of these.  They are soooo cute and work up pretty fast!!

Cable Sweater

Wow, has  it been a long time since I posted anything.  Haven't been making cards lately, but knitting alot.  This is a sweater I made for my daughter's friend Kelly's baby, Ella.  Kelly has been like my second daughter since the girls were in middle school, so had to make something special for litlle Ella.  The picture doesn't  show what a pretty rose color it really is.