Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quilled Invitation

Here is a quilling projuect I did with my wedding invitation

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  1. Sylva~

    Thank you for the information about the quilling site you use...I'll be sure to check them out asap! Thank you more so for the link to your BEAUTIFUL wedding invitation...err, the quilling adorning your framed wedding invitation! This is STUNNING! REALLY!! OMG...I just spent hours working on a real quilling project (my steam on the latte card is nothing in comparison), and I was feeling awesome about what I accomplished today. Until I saw your work! LOL I'm laughing so don't feel are sooo talented! I'm still going to finish my project and post it later this week, but your project just inspired me to keep going and take it a step further next time :O)

    Sorry you aren't able to comment on my blog. I wonder what the malfunction is?? Either way, I thank you again for sending me the tip about the site, and sharing your AMAZING quilling project with me. I'm sure you and your husband will treasure this for many years. What a great idea.

    Have a wonderful week.